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King's Palace

We've never said no to any challenge. However, to rescue this body corporate is not going to be easy and will take all of our resources for the next couple of months. It doesn't mean that the owners bought a  "bad investment". What has happened here is the neglect of maintenance and lack of management over 10 years +.

This didn't happen overnight. This happened over a period of time and now the costs to repair the building will unfortunately cost double the amount as no maintenance has been done for a very long period.

We're currently busy assisting the body corporate to move away from their current managing agent. We informed owners to allow us just 12 months to take their body corporate from zero to hero! Watch this space ...
Year Built:
3rd Party (10 years +)
Complex maintenance is not optional and must be implemented by the trustees


We'll Start From Scratch

As little to no maintenance has been done over the years, the body corporate has reached a point where most of the paint needs to be completely removed, and water damage is visible on all the walls of the building. 

This is not going to be a "quick fix" and will take a considerable amount of time and resources to repair this building.


Budget Unknown

We currently don't have any information available of the financial situation of the body corporate. One of the first steps would be to set up a new budget and allocate funds for much-needed maintenance work.

The first couple of weeks of take-over is the hardest as one has to pay all the monthly bills, but also spend as much time as possible to fix the exterior of the building and attend to security issues as well.
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