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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the business registered and what services do you provide?

Louis Property Management is a registered business in South Africa (Bloemfontein Consortium Group (PTY) Ltd 2021/751184/07 Trading As Louis Property Management) and we mainly focus on four main services:

1. Property Management
2. Property Rental Services
3. Complex Maintenance
4. Property Sales

Please explain the "Complex Rescue Service".

We offer a unique service called "Complex Rescue". Again, we only offer this service for complexes in Langenhovenpark.

When approached by owners or trustees of a complex, we initiate an action-plan where we aim to not only have the financials turned around in 2 months’ time, but also attend to much-needed maintenance work at the complex.

Not many property owners know this, but you can give notice to your managing agent and cancel their services within weeks. There is no law that prohibits a body corporate from doing this. If your managing agent tells you differently – then you may take legal action against them.

Once we receive written confirmation from the trustees/owners, we will start our magic! We still charge our monthly management fee (which is cheaper than most managing agents in Bloemfontein), but will only invoice for our services when we can prove that:

(a) The financial situation at the body corporate has either stabilized or improved since the takeover from Louis Property Management.
(b) When concerns of owners have been noted and attended to.
(c) When neglected, complex maintenance (due to poor management) has been attended to by our in-house contractors and a clear improvement is visible.

Previous body corporates that moved to Louis Property Management were able to keep their levies unchanged for 2 years, yet attend to all maintenance issues without accessing their investment account. This was done for our first client, Body Corporate Princess Gardens.

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