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Say good-bye to expensive contractors. With our in-house maintenance team we can ensure that no kickbacks are possible.

One can tell a lot about a complex by simply looking at it. A well-looked after complex  reflects an  active managing agent and a body corporate with a proper reserve funds.
To achieve this goal, it's vital that your managing agent don't encourage kickbacks from contractors. Unfortunately this is a common practice in Bloemfontein.

Many managing agents only use contractors if they can receive a kickback from them.

How would you know if your managing agent is getting kickbacks from contractors?
  • Email and ask for a simple "yes" or "no" answer. If they can't give you a straight answer then they are guilty of this practice.
  • If you instruct contractors to quote on work at your complex and they ask if this is a private quotation or through the managing agent you can be sure that kickbacks are a common thing between them and the managing agent.
  • This means that the body corporate is paying more for a service than what is really necessary.
  • This is also the reason why body corporates usually don't have sufficient money in their reserve fund.
  • This leads to a continuous yearly increase in levies.
  • This leads to unhappy owners at AGM meetings.
  • And ultimately causes owners to sell their properties.

Appoint Louis Property Management to maintain your complex in Langenhovenpark.

We will not be associated with unethical business practices, ever! No kickbacks, thank you.
  • We use our in-house team to perform maintenance projects at complexes we manage.
  • We provide invoices of all purchased materials and payslips of the employees.
  • We welcome body corporates to compare our costs with other contractors.
  • Whenever a project requires a specialist, we'll request three quotations to ensure that owners are present with all possible options.
  • 100% transparency when appointing a 3rd party contractor.
  • Louis Property Management does not encourage or receive kickbacks from contractors.

We offer a variety of maintenance services for body corporates at the best possible price.

We take care of all complex maintenance for body corporates in Langenhovenpark.
  • Painting projects for complexes (ground and first floor units).
  • Waterproofing and painting of roofs.
  • Yearly roof inspection and cleaning of gutters - as required by insurance companies.
  • Sand down of wooden doors and window frames (and varnish).
  • Open blocked drains. This is a free service we offer for common areas at complexes.
  • Installation of security gates.
  • Sync gate motor remotes for owners/tenants.
  • We also offer tiling, built-in cupboards and painting services for owners' units.
Director Of Louis Property Management - Louis van Wyk

Maintenance services your body corporate can afford.

Our directors are personally on-site with maintenance projects. With us it's personal.  Let us assist with your 10-year maintenance plan.
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