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Managing Agent Services For Sectional Title Complexes

We are currently busy registering with the PPRA and will only accept new complexes after successful registration.
Cheap Managing Agents In Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein

Why Choose Louis Property Management?

We offer a complete management and maintenance service of sectional title schemes in Langenhovenpark only!

We are truly passionate about complex management that we strictly focus on complexes in Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein.
The director also lives in Langenhovenpark and wishes to be personally involved in the day-to-day activities of each complex.

Where directors are actively involved to ensure the successful managing of your complex.

It's important to have a managing agent that lives in your suburb and listens to your concerns.
  • Invoicing and collection of monthly levies
  • Communication with owners / stakeholders
  • Compliance with complex rules and by-laws
  • Complex maintenance and repairs
  • Preparing of meetings (trustees, special and AGM)
  • General accounting and budgeting
  • Personal visits to complexes by directors

The heart beat of any sectional title complex is ... HEALTHY FINANCES!

We fully understand that it's not just about levy income, but more importantly, the expenses that matters.
  • Compiling and submitting monthly management reports to trustees/directors, including an income and expenditure statement, balance sheet, levy roll, debtor age analysis and trust account statement
  • Compiling monthly reports: a monthly management report delivered to Trustees/ Directors including an income and expenditure statement, balance sheet, levy roll, debtor age analysis and trust account statement
  • Preparing budgets – factoring in any repair/maintenance work that needs to be done. Sent to body corporate for approval
  • Managing levies and ensuring all funds owed to the body corporate are paid on time (and taking legal action where required)
  • Ensuring that the correct, adequate, well-priced insurance policies are in place and annually renewed. This includes the Fidelity Fund cover – protecting the body corporate against loss as a result of theft of trust funds
  • Maintaining separate trust accounts for each scheme
  • Managing council accounts: paying rates, taxes, charges chargeable to the scheme on time; passing accruals when invoices are not received; reporting to trustees/directors any discrepancies with council
  • Assisting and advising the trustees/directors on any applicable procedural matters pertaining to the running of the scheme (relating to resolutions, quorums, proxies, voting rights, etc.)
  • Preparing annual financial statements
  • Processing insurance claims
  • Registering of directors, record keeping of domicilium, updating of auditor changes.

Welcome, you just found a managing agent in Bloemfontein that does not accept kickbacks from contractors.

We believe in 100% transparency and ethical business. No kickbacks, thank you.

The sectional title act states that every complex needs to have a 10-year maintenance plan. This in theory is an excellent idea, however, what happens when there aren't sufficient funds after saving for 10 years? It's easy for a managing agent to simply say "increase the levy" or "let's introduce a special levy to cover the costs". So, what is the solution then?


It's not uncommon for managing agents to appoint certain contractors that give the managing agent a kickback when their services are rendered. Unfortunately, Bloemfontein has managing agents that follow this unethical business strategy. It's not fair towards owners of sectional title property investments.

Louis Property Management DOES NOT accept or encourage kickbacks from contractors. We make use of our in-house contractors or when required approach 3rd party contractors without adding any additional fees. What you see is what you get.

We offer complexes a 10-year maintenance plan and together with this, we use our in-house contractors that supply the following services:


Owners choose the colour of the paint and we provide the material and labour. All invoices are recorded, and no kickbacks are allowed.


This is probably the most important thing when it comes to building maintenance. Waterproofing and roof maintenance should be done every year. Insurance companies tend not to pay out claims if no record is kept of roof maintenance during a 12 month period. It's no use to have a 10-year maintenance plan and you only perform these duties once every 10 years.

Other services

Our in-house team of contractors can assist complexes with tiling, built-in cupboards, plumbing and electrical services. No kickbacks.

So how does our maintenance plan work?

At sectional title schemes, we attend to all "exterior" maintenance, which in short means the outside of the buildings and all common areas.

Exterior Maintenance

  • Cleaning of the building's exterior (walls)
  • Roof gutters (seasonal)
  • Drains - please note that small blockages at the common areas is done free of charge as we have the necessary tools to provide this service.
  • Landscaping - If not included in the levies or as a "once-off".
  • Pest control - this can include either pest or rodent. Seasonal.
  • Safety checks - this includes inspection of electrified fences, cleaning and replacing of locks and keys.
Director Of Louis Property Management - Louis van Wyk

What is Executive Managing Agent services?

We perform all management duties (day-to-day, financial and maintenance) and report to the trustees each month. How can I help you today?
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