Residential Sectional Title Scheme

Princess Gardens

Our first case study complex is Princess Gardens. This complex offers 14 units and boost a generous size of 90 m².

In 2019, we assisted the owners with the repainting of the entire complex. Since then, we’ve attended to the waterproofing and painting of the roofs.

Oh, did we mention that we were able to keep the levies of the body corporate unchanged for 24 months? By simply managing the finances and shopping around for the best prices on material and labour, we were able to make this the best run complex in Langenhovenpark!

Year Built:
Since 2020
Complex maintenance is not optional and must be implemented by the trustees


Not Game Over Yet

Our maintenance team stepped in and within 8 weeks we were able to repaint the entire complex. We managed to save the body corporate about R200,000 during the project. No kickbacks were made possible, as we believe in 100% transparency and ethical business.

Since the project, owners have upgraded their lapas and units inside (see gallery at the bottom of page for work we've done inside one of the units).

Taking Action

Working As A Team

Within 24 months after repainting the building, we managed to help the body corporate save sufficient funds to waterproof and repaint all the roofs of the complex.

No special levy was introduced.

As monies became available, we attended to the roofs. When a managing agent have the interest of the owners at heart, so much can be accomplished.

Again, no kickbacks involved during the project.

Maintaining sectiontal title roofs are very important in Langenhovepark
Our caretakers love attending to our complexes in Langenhovenpark


Fun To Be At Work

The previous managing agent struggled to appoint a caretaker for the complex. Staff only lasted 3 months. This became a big headache for owners.

Fast-forward and the same caretaker has been with the body corporate for 2 years. We identified the problem(s) and invested in battery operated equipment and PPE.

It really pays to invest in staff and listen to their concerns. Not a single sick day has been reported from the caretaker, the past 2 years.


Controlled Budget

The financial situation with the previous managing agent was difficult to control and monitor. Admin fees kept popping up, and unrealistic contractor fees were questioned. We managed to keep levies locked for 24 months. Even though all maintenance work were attended to, no special levy was raised.

By sending out newsletters to owners, all parties were informed about finances and maintenance issues. No arrears accounts have been recorded by the body corporate. If a building is being managed correctly, owners will play their part. It's simple maths.

Managing agents that care - Louis Property Management

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