Our Current Consortium Project

Princess Gardens

This well-known sectional title development was built in 1983 and registered in the deeds office in 1984. The complex offers 14 units in total - 7 ground floor units and 7 first floor units. The units vary in size from 90 - 91m².

This complex has been managed privately for the past 5 months by the director himself. Most of the day-day maintenance is done in-house which resulted a no-increase in levies for 2021/2022 due to self-maintenance. Buying into a complex that's privately management and with someone keeping a strict eye on expenses, this has to best one of the best investments you'll see for some time.


Property Size:
90 & 91m² Units
Year Built:
3D Design Of Upgraded Units

When Space Matters

90 - 91m² units

You won't easily find real estate in Langenhovenpark that boosts a generous 90m² anymore. These flats were built with space in mind. Modern 2 bedroom units have no space for a dining area. These units can easily accommodate a 6-seater dining table with chairs, yet still have space for the lounge area.

Controlled Levies


Wouldn't it be great if you could get a plumber to assist with the plumbing of the building and not being charged for it? With our joint ventures, this this possible.


Complex plumbing costs for 2021/2022: R0.00

Free Plumbing Services
Constant Maintenance

Well Looked-after

Continuous Maintenance

The entire complex was repainted in 2019. Re-painting of the roof will commence end of July 2021. No special levies required as everything is done by private contractors.

Happy tenants

Constant Upgrading

One of the upgraded units at the complex with monthly rental income of almost R7,000 (December 2021). Fibre is installed throughout the complex.


Our Flagship Unit