What is a consortium?

Investment in property. Sharing with other like-minded investors.

Consortium / Property Stokvel

There is nothing new about consortiums. It's an age old way of investing in property. It provides you with ease of access and a risk free investment opportunity. We only approach like-minded investors that share the passion for real estate in Bloemfontein.

Many people will refer to this method of acquiring property as a stokvel - which has proven to be very successful among the right group of people.

Initial shares will be R1,000 per share. We’d like to acquire unit number 10 on the first floor. For this to happen 720 shares will be issued. There is no limit to the amount of shares an individual or company may acquire (until the buyout is complete). Unit 10 already generates a monthly net rental income of R3,900. No agent commission applicable.

We estimate a total of 7,500 shares for the buyout of the complex. With the right investors, this can be achieved within months. We have investors contributing each month already (constant shares issued). All the investors are working together towards the same common goal: FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE!

Complex Name
Princess Gardens
Registered Date

Tell Me More About The Complex

The complex was built in 1983 and registered in the deeds office in 1984 (currently 38 years old). The sectional title complex offers 14 units. 7 ground floor and 7 first floor units. Property size varies from 90m2 - 91m2.

All units have pre-paid electricity meters. Water is billed each month by Mangaung Local Municipality (no 3rd parties). Some units have pre-paid water meters. Fibre is installed throughout the complex (VUMA).

The complex is perfectly located in Langenhovenpark and is a mere 200 meters from a fuel station and 250 meters from the popular The Park shopping centre (KFC, Dischem, Spar, Spur, Stadium Fast Foods). The popular Langenhoven Market is only 700 meters away.

Each unit has a single carport and guest parking is located inside the electrified fenced complex.

Since February 2021 the complex has moved from a managing agent to being privately managed. The director, Louis van Wyk, currently manages the complex with great success.

All levies are up to date (some even in credit) and constant maintenance is done at the complex.

A joint venture has been established with DC Plumbing. The complex now enjoys FREE plumbing services.

The director has a maintenance team available that assists with maintenance at the complex (painter, general contractor and woodworker). This ensures that building maintenance is done regularly and at the best price possible.

2019 – Entire complex repainted
2021 – Waterproofing of roofs and touch ups around the complex
2021 – Painting of roof (August). No special levy required

The complex has a healthy cash flow. All invoicing is done digitally and owners receive a monthly newsletter with the latest complex news. The yearly AGM is held in June/July. Being a privately managed complex, we as investors can rest assure that future levy increases is set to a minimum as all of the administration tasks are done in-house.

Bearing this in mind, we believe that this consortium group will be one of the most rewarding long term decisions you can make for yourself or your family.

The Way Forward

As with any company, its investors would like to see it move forward and keep up with modern times and adapt accordingly. The goal with all our projects is:

  1. For like-minded investors to ultimately own the entire building/complex
  2. To create financial freedom for each investor - for themselves or their families
  3. Create 'green buildings' for future generations and add solar solutions whenever possible
  4. Find ways to increase not only property value, but also passive income generated from it

Tell Me More About Unit Number 10

The unit  is located on the 1st floor. The property boosts a generous 90 square meter.
It offers 2 bedrooms with built-in cupboards, upgraded bathroom and kitchen.
Spacious lounge area with a balcony.  

A tenant is currently occupying the unit at R6,100 per month.
A carport is available for each tenant with guest parking inside the complex.

Let’s Talk MONEY!

We’ll issue 720 shares (R1,000 a share). This means the property won't be bonded - no high interest rates from the bank or wasteless admin fees.

The unit generates a net rental income of R3,900 per month.
- One share (R1,000) will generate an income of R5.40 p/m.
- Ten shares (R10,000) will generate an income of R54 p/m.
- Hundred shares (R100,000) will generate an income of R540 p/m.

Whilst we find our like-minded investors, all monies will be kept in the business account. When the 720 shares have been issued, the property will be registered in the company’s name: Bloemfontein Consortium Group. Registration number: 2021/751184/07.

Rental collection and contracts are done by the director himself (no agent commission). We aim to have a yearly rental escalation of 6%

Investors will have two options:

  1. Receive their portion of the rental income (monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or yearly) or
  2. Choose to leave their rental income and automatically qualify for future shares.


Initial Investor Advantages

Existing shareholders will have the first chance to invest in additional units at the complex. Also be informed when new properties become available.


How Do I Become An Investor?

Investing in our consortium group is by invite only. You'll either need to be invited by the director himself or by means of being a client of Bloemfontein Multi Media House (Web Design Bloemfontein, Sound Bytes & Snap Photography). We’d like to ensure that we have like-minded property investors that form part of the consortium group.

However, if you'd still like to become part of our niche consortium group an once-off joining fee of R1,000 will be applicable.


Take The First Step

If you are located in Bloemfontein, we'd like you to come and visit the complex in person.

The director will gladly answer any questions you may have. Or complete the form and we'll contact you with more information.

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