So You Don't Believe In A Sole Mandate?

Are you one of the many property sellers in Bloemfontein that don't like giving an agent a sole mandate? You are probably thinking that if all the estate agents are marketing your property that it will get sold much quicker and at the highest price imaginable? The free-for-all approach is the way to go, correct? You just want to sell your property, right?

We took to the streets in Bloemfontein and within only a few minutes of driving around in a well-known suburb, guess what we found? It's time to make the sellers in Bloemfontein just think for a minute and show them what their potential buyers are thinking about their open mandate property.


An Open Mandate For Your Bloemfontein Property Is Not Recommended

This is not staged. This sight is often seen in Bloemfontein. So let's get the record straight and show you, the seller, the "bigger picture". Read the below very carefully!

What The Seller Is Thinking

What The Potential Buyer Is Thinking

The more agents marketing my property, the better the odds of selling it!

Not this property again! All the agents are showing me the exact same property over and over again!

With all the agents trying to sell my property, they are surely all working 24/7, giving their utmost attention to sell my property. Who needs a sole mandate?

It is just me or aren't any of Bloemfontein's estate agents really making an effort to assist me with my property needs? Doesn't seem like anyone of them want to sell an open mandate property!

Times are hard. So I'll give all the agents a fair chance to sell my property. I will let all of them place their 'for sale' signs in front of my house.

Why are all the agents trying to sell the same property? IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PROPERTY?

With all the agents marketing my home, I'm sure to get the highest possible price for my property. Open mandate is the way to go!

Look at all the 'for sale' signs. This seller is DESPERATE! I will make the lowest offer I possibly can! What a sucker!


If you are thinking of selling your Bloemfontein property and given the option for a sole mandate or open mandate, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into! Read our blogs about choosing the right estate and the advantages of giving your agent a sole mandate. Also, make sure that your agent is using the latest online marketing strategies to ensure that your property reaches maximum exposure.