Is Your Agent IT-Friendly?

With so many estate agents in Bloemfontein promising to sell your property at the best price, in the shortest time frame, with little inconvenience, who can you truly trust? If all the agents are pitching the same marketing strategy, doesn't it feel like they aren't really saying anything at all? It's time to separate the men from the boys.

Ask your agent if he/she has an online marketing plan. If not, show the agent the door.

Buying a property is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your lifetime. However, selling your property should be treated the same way. If you are in the market of selling your property you have probably met a couple of estate agents. Just like any industry, you get estate agents and you get ESTATE AGENTS. Some of them being very professional and others ... well ... less professional.

We have done some thorough research regarding this important topic and we would urge property sellers to read through the entire blog as it contains a lot of information that could help you choosing the right estate agent that will assist you selling your property quicker.

Online Presence

Online Presence For Estate AgentsSeeing that 90% of people are starting their search for property online, it would only be wise to ask your agent how he/she will market your property online to ensure that it receives maximum exposure. The first obvious online presence an agent should have it to have his/her own personal website. However, this is not enough. Your agent should be able to write property related articles (blogs) or at least leave comments/opinions on popular real estate websites. If you are unsure about the agent, just google his/her name and the location where they reside. Like"John Doe Bloemfontein". Google should return all the information regarding the agent. This includes Facebook profile, video clips, personal website etc. If you can't find any information about your agent on the internet, you should really reconsider finding yourself a more 'modern' estate agent.

The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about - Oscar Wilde


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing For Real Estate AgentsUnfortunately so many estate agents in Bloemfontein aren't engaging in social media and this is where all the conversations are taking place. How can your estate agent be part of the conversation if he/she isn't engaging with social media?

  • Ask your agent if he/she has a Facebook page. If so, ask them when was the last time they updated it with fresh and relevant property related news? Or did they create a page because ‘everyone has one'. What is the agent posting on the page? Any property related news and tips?
  • Does the agent have any followers on Twitter?
  • Or what about an account with Pinterest?
  • Has your agent listed his qualifications and expertise on LinkedIn?
  • Has your agent created at least one video clip and uploaded it to YouTube? Does the agent even know how to upload a video?

Your agent shouldn't have any excuses not to be engaging on Social Media. Why? Because all of the above mentioned social media channels are 100% free! Yes, it won't cost your estate agent a cent to engage with the local community! Ask your agent:"Are you engaging with social media channels that might assist selling my property quicker?"

Property Marketing Websites

It goes without saying that your estate agent should be advertising your property on various property websites. These usually include Property24, company website and hopefully his/her own personal website. However, just listing a property on these websites isn't going to get it sold. Only the very best of estate agents will go the extra mile for their clients.
There are only a handful of estate agents in Bloemfontein offering these services. If you are privileged enough to have such an estate agent on your side, you are in for a real treat. Research has shown that properties listed with quality photographs, video and virtual tours will attract more potential buyers and in return assist selling your property quicker.

High Quality Photographs

Photographic Services In BloemfonteinAsk your agent what camera they are using when taking pictures of your property? Only professionals will own a proper camera with a wide angle lens. If your agent can't capture every detail of a room (from the ceiling to the floor) it's not worth placing the photographs on the internet.

CAUTION: Your estate agent is basically representing you and your property. What sellers don't realize is the photographs taken of their property are the product that will be placed on the internet for the entire country to view. Do you think that a potential buyer will even bother making contact with the estate agent if the product (photographs) looks 'cheap'?

If the agent has a photographic team taking the photographs on his/her behalf, you can be sure that you are dealing with a professional!

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours BloemfonteinA Virtual Tour is a full-colour 360° view of an interior or exterior of a property. They immerse you in the space giving you almost the same experience as if you were actually standing in the room. Virtual Tours allows you to interact easily between different rooms or places inside a property and help you to obtain an overall better picture of the property. Usually ‘hotspots' are used to guide you through the different rooms. This means that potential buyers will be able to 'stand' in any of the rooms and freely view the surroundings of that particular room.

The upgrade of photographs is surely virtual tours as these give a property maximum amount of exposure. Only a virtual tour can give you a true 360 full colour view of a property 24 hours a day 7 days a week anywhere in the world. A virtual tour will help potential buyers to quickly make a decision about a property as they provide a complete view rather than segments that leave questions and uncertainties in a buyers mind. This means more and better quality leads for your property. Again, only professional estate agents will provide you with virtual tour services.

Video Tours

If your estate agent has an online presence and makes use of social media marketing you should have a much better success rate of selling your property. However, if your estate agent can list your property with quality photographs, video and a virtual tour you will have bragging rights as you will be one of only a few sellers in Bloemfontein that has a professional estate agent that is truly passionate about selling your property at the best price, in the shortest time frame, with little to none inconvenience to you.

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