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How To Deal With Noisy Neighbors

If you live in a flat, apartment or share a home in close proximity to others you know that sometimes noise can get out of hand, even if your neighbour isn't doing it on purpose. Some people just are inconsiderate...so what can you do to fight back?

Not much! You can make noise too or you can take a page from our book to help you keep your sanity.

Walls & Tiles

With walls all you need to do is add one or two levels of drywall to them, this is an inexpensive method since drywall and its alternatives are quite cheap! You could also spring for the more expensive option and simply have your walls and rooms sound proofed but why bother with that when you can get away with something cheaper that's just as good?


If you have someone living above you on another floor you know how bad the noise can get. From high heels to things dropping on the floor to kids running around, complaining doesn't help and they keep on getting worse. What can you do?

  • Firstly you can install what is called a Floating Ceiling, this is another ceiling below your current ceiling filled with noise absorbing insulation and padding. Even if you don't spring for the option of filling your Floating Ceiling with insulation the space between it and the original ceiling will still help to absorb noise, making it much better than before!
  • Second you could add Acoustical Tile, you can use these with the Floating Ceiling or on its own. Basically this is a type of tile that deflects and absorbs noise so you don't have to deal with it!
  • Lastly, if you're out for the inexpensive option, you can look at Polystyrene Tiles; these tiles come in 100's of different decorative patterns, are a lot cheaper than Acoustical Tile and do a pretty good job at dampening the noise levels from your pesky neighbour upstairs!

Outside Noise

Noise from outside can be blocked with ease, simply combine our tips from Walls & Floors with the simple fact that the more you put in a room, the more noise it absorbs. With tile walls or floors, simply adding rugs, carpets and furniture to the room can help to absorb noise.

Adding thick curtains to your windows can also bring down the noise levels. The more you add, no matter how small, helps reduce the total volume!