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Reflective Pavement Numbering

We know how to find an address and with GPS, this task has just gotten easier and easier but what if you find yourself in the dark without today's modern toys and need someone to find your house urgently and easily? We recently got Shawn from Number Zone to assist us with this very important task. You will be amazed how important this is for any home-owner.

What is it?

Simply put it's your street address painted onto the side of the pavement in front of your house in easily readable reflective paint. Done in a nice large font it can be effortlessly seen by passers-by without having to look for a number on your house or search for a street sign. The paint is reflective so any light that shines on it will make it appear to glow, even from a distance. This makes your house easy to find, even in the dark or in a hurry.

Why should I bother with this?

Picture yourself in this scenario; the lights just went out. It happened while you were carrying something heavy down a staircase in your home; suddenly you can't see and tumble down the staircase! Landing hard at the bottom you discover you broke your leg. First reaction is to go for a phone or a cell phone, you call an ambulance and they say they'll be right there ... but 4 hours later you still find yourself right where you were with no ambulance.

Why? Your houses number or street sign might not be visible enough to passers-by or almost impossible to see in low or no light at all. If you had your address painted on the pavement in front of your house cars and people approaching could have easily spotted your houses address. The same logic applies to any number of situations, friends might need to find your house, the police or a security company might need to find your house and if your address is hard to see..they won't find you!

I probably can't afford to have this done, even though I need it!

Actually this is rather inexpensive and right now there's an initiative being done in conjunction with The S.A.P.S, ER24 and Netcare 911. You can have your address painted on your pavement for only R150.00. Rather affordable!

If you're interested in having this done for your home you can contact:
Number Zone's Shawn Diedricks on 084 3434 151