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Property Inspections - Is It Worth It?

Lately we've received a lot of enquiries regarding property inspections. It seems like no one really knows what they are and why it's so important. To our shock we've heard that some property owners are scared to perform a property inspection on their own property. So we decided to approach a well-known property inspection firm in Bloemfontein.

The Myths

Property Evaluators from the bank are looking at faults or defects of the property and how the owner can fix it. Property Evaluators are simply looking to protect the interest of the bank by making sure that the property is worth the mortgage amount. They don't perform property inspections. Real Estate Agents have sufficient knowledge and experience to perform a property inspection. Estate agents are professionals when it comes to finding a property that suites a buyer's needs, but their main business is not to inspect a property. You need a different expert for this

What We Did

We chose a random property that were listed as FOR SALE in Bloemfontein and contacted the owner and informed them that a professional property inspector team will perform an inspection on their property.

What Really Happened


Two property inspectors of Inspect-A-Home arrived with specialized equipment and some great skills and experience of the industry. They knew exactly where to look for defects/faults. A digital voice recorder was used to record all their findings. Photographs were taken in the different rooms where the faults were identified - which are used in the property inspection report.


A thorough inspection was done by the team - from the inside out. This included the inspection of the doors, windows, handles, tiling, gutters, plumbing, floor coverings, skirtings, walls, cupboards, cornices, ceilings, flushing of toilets, checking for leaking taps.

How Long Did It Take?

The team took 3 hours to complete the entire property inspection of a 3 bedroom house with 1 bathroom.

How Much Does It Cost?

At the time of writing this article (May 2012) the following price structure was available:

  • 2 Bedroom Property - R3000
  • 3 Bedroom Property - R3500
  • 4 Bedroom Property - R4000
  • 5 Bedroom Property - R4500

The Inspection Report

Property Inspection Report ExampleThe inspection report is really worth the R3,000 - R4,5000 spend (invested). We asked for Inspect-A-Home to provide us (and our clients) with the inspection report. All their findings are recorded in the document and be can viewed here. The report is very helpful for both home owners and property buyers.

Whom To Contact:

Engela Vlok
073 380 3900
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Fanie van Vuuren
082 362 4399
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Conclusion

Inspect A Home BloemfonteinHiring the guys of Inspect-A-Home is worth every penny! These inspectors are trained professionals and Inspect-A-Home is a national company and members of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI and the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI). If you are serious about buying or selling a property in Bloemfontein, getting a property inspection done by professionals is well worth your time! For more information about Inspect-A-Home visit their website at www.inspectahome.co.za