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Hive Living: How to make it work

The concept of Hive Living means buying a single plot of land or property and building several small homes or flats on it to be used as residence for more than one or two people. This concept is very popular among large families as they will often purchase a home and build a granny flat or two onto the existing property for their eldest child, grandparents or extended family.

Each able family member depending on age and income will then contribute to bills and expenses in return for living on the property. This concept has many forms though such as student houses or even a group of friends deciding to split the rent 5 ways and all live on one premises.


This goes without saying, if you don't have to pay all the bills on your own, you save! Each person in the house could contribute to a predetermined amount towards the monthly utility bill, home loan repayment or even groceries. If all the responsibility doesn't solely fall on one person everyone saves at the end of the day and this is crucial with today's high prices.

A Few Tips

  • Decide who pays what and how much before the bills arrive.
  • Lay down ground rules regarding noise, friends and personal time. Decide what works and doesn't work with everyone living there.
  • Determine who does which chores, when, where and how.
  • If living with friends, sign an agreement that states exactly how much each party involved will contribute towards bills and rent.
  • If sharing the same house set up a schedule of times when everyone gets to use the bathroom, kitchen, TV etc. This avoids those nasty little fights about 'it was my turn'.