Sole Mandate Is The Way To Go

So You Don't Believe In A Sole Mandate?

Are you one of the many property sellers in Bloemfontein that don't like giving an agent a sole mandate? You are probably thinking that if all the estate agents are marketing your property that it will get sold much quicker and at the highest price imaginable? The free-for-all approach is the way to go, correct? You just want to sell your property, right?

Exclusive Sole Mandate Explained

The Sole Mandate Explained

The term 'Sole Mandate' gets thrown around a lot. We've all heard it at one point or another but what exactly is it? What does it involve? Are there dangers in a Sole Mandate? Does a Sole Mandate involve selling my soul with my property? Keep reading and I'll take you through everything you need to know about a Sole Mandate!

Online Marketing For Bloemfontein Real Estate Agents

Is Your Agent IT-Friendly?

With so many estate agents in Bloemfontein promising to sell your property at the best price, in the shortest time frame, with little inconvenience, who can you truly trust? If all the agents are pitching the same marketing strategy, doesn't it feel like they aren't really saying anything at all? It's time to separate the men from the boys.

Get Your House Ready For Show Day

Get Your Property Ready For Show Day

VIP Properties often experience that our clients' properties aren't 100% market ready when the big Show Day arrives. But we realised that the clients weren't informed what they needed to do to get their property ready for the market. We have compiled a very comprehensive guide to assist you and hopefully sell your property quicker.