Tips For Buying Property Privately

Buying Property Privately

As a buyer most people think they can save a great deal on estate agent commission if you cut out the middle man, which does make sense! This is not always the case though, in fact cutting out the middle man not only opens you to new and unknown risks but you may even end up paying more than

Property Inspections Bloemfontein

Property Inspections - The In's & Out's

A property inspection is an up close and personal, in depth and detailed visual inspection of a property, its design, layout and structure. It's should be done by a Property Inspection Company who specializes in the field, who knows what to look for and where. A Property Inspection gives you a detailed and accurate report of the condition and state based on visual observation of the property you're interested

Student Houses In Bloemfontein

Buying A Student House As An Investment

In most university towns you have Student Houses. What they are, put simply, are houses occupied entirely by students. As you can imagine putting a bunch of high school graduates together in one house without any adult supervision can result in ... shall we say ... interesting things.

Estate Agents In Bloemfontein

Choosing An Estate Agent

So your new in Bloemfontein, looking to buy a house and have no idea which of the 100+ estate agents operating in the city to choose. Luckily you will only need to speak to an estate agent for a couple of minutes to realize if he/she is truly an expert and willing to help you with your property needs. Why not google the estate agent's name and see how active the agent is not only offline, but also online.