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Properties For Sale In Bloemfontein

Welcome to VIP Properties. If you wish to buy or sell a property in Bloemfontein our team of professional consultants will give you and your property the VIP treatment. We are the only real estate agency that lists our sole mandate properties with high quality photographs, video and virtual tours.

Visit our properties for sale page for all available properties and make sure to read our property blogs as it content fresh and relevant property tips and news for buyers and sellers. If you require more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

Do You Trust Your Bloemfontein Real Estate Agent?

The Public vs The Estate Agent

Recent polls have shown that real estate agents aren't loved by the public. The statistics show that the least trusted person is a second-hand car salesman. Second on the list (without any surprise) is the estate agent.

The polls show that the public is tired of being lied

Property Transfer Process Explained

The Transfer Process: Explained

Sellers and purchasers of property are often overwhelmed by what the property industry typically refers to as the 'transfer process'. What does it really entail?

The phrase 'transfer process' refers to the set of events that takes place after signature of a sale agreement up to the moment that the purchase
Property Inspections In Bloemfontein

Property Inspections - Is It Worth It?

Lately we've received a lot of enquiries regarding property inspections. It seems like no one really knows what they are and why it's so important. To our shock we've heard that some property owners are scared to perform a property inspection on their own property. So we decided to approach a well-known property inspection firm in Bloemfontein.

How To Deal With Noisy Neighbours

How To Deal With Noisy Neighbors

If you live in a flat, apartment or share a home in close proximity to others you know that sometimes noise can get out of hand, even if your neighbour isn't doing it on purpose. Some people just are inconsiderate...so what can you do to fight back?

Not much! You can make noise too or you can

Estate Agents In Bloemfontein

The Benefits & Duties Of An Estate Agent

Estate agents, we love them, we hate them, we love to hate them but we can't do without them! This might come to a surprise to some people but you get different types of estate agent. Some specialize in selling and letting of residential properties. Others specialize in selling and letting only commercial, industrial or agricultural type

Renting Or Buying Property In Bloemfontein

Renting Vs Buying - The Age Old Struggle

Everybody wants to own their own property, but we are living in tough economical times and it's getting harder and harder to get on the property ladder. However, it might not be such a bad idea to rent a property whilst saving for your dream home (short term and long term advantages). Whether you are buying or renting a property, each one has it's pros and cons.